Letter from the CEO

The key to sustaining a successful organization is people. Period.

Spiritus, Inc. was born, and continues to grow, based entirely on what I call the "Top Gun" approach. Simply, I place our reputation - and therefore our future - in the hands of only the best of the best.

Tactical aviation taught me that success depends on every person on the team. No exceptions. Success is based on each person's experience, knowledge, and determination. To ensure superiority, every person on the team must draw from a variety of experiences, trust their never-ending pursuit of expertise, and drive themselves and their teammates to exceed expectations.

The result of building such a gifted team allows for something exceptional - inspiration. And true inspiration provides the path to greatness.

I appreciate your interest in our organization. Please feel free to contact me regarding any of our services or opportunities within our organization.


        Jim Wood
        President and Chief Executive Officer
        Spiritus, Inc.